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We are no longer performing desktop or laptop repair at this time. If you came here from Yelp, we apologize for the inconvenience. Yelp refuses to close our listing even though we have repeatedly requested them to do so.

We are a deaf-owned business, yet we talk to anyone. Please call us at 818-208-2344.

We have partnered with major retailers as publishers,  publishing advertising for them. Each company has their own page on our site; see the alphabetical list at the top. Each company has a banner ad and any who promote specials or discounts on their products, we list their coupons and deals with links directly to the item, so that you, the customer, can get great deals at great savings. Clicking the banners or text links will take you to the retailer's website and stores a cookie on your computer with our affiliate ID. We make commission on purchases of products/services. It greatly helps us if you buy something. You can also follow our Twitter account, PBP_Promotions, to keep up to date on the latest deals. We are also developing a newsletter with a Join page coming soon. We work as hard as our health permits.

If you would like us to advertise for you, please contact us for a quote. We aim to be as reasonable as possible and we're not super-expensive like other advertising companies. We give you your own web page displaying your banners or links and promote you on Facebook and Twitter.

Another service we provide is the ability to find products for you at 2% over wholesale. We support most major brands of products, including HP, Sony, Apple, HP and more. We can get you anything you need, from barcoders to all-in-one printers and more, including business products such as servers and Point Of Sale systems, shipped directly to you (shipping costs may apply).

Contact us by email ( with what you are looking for and you can leave the searching to us.

Contact Information

Ph: 818-208-2344 (videophone/video relay) - Fax: 801-681-5692